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The online English language academy for business professionals

Take private online classes with a native and certified English instructor, starting at just $8.99 per class.

Iboux Academy’s unique benefits

You won’t find all of these advantages anywhere else.

We take academic quality seriously… For real.

Our school’s academic direction is headed by a Harvard University Graduate School of Education graduate. You can rest assured that you will be learning with the highest educational standards and following the cutting edge in learning methodologies.

A competency-based Business English curriculum. The only one.

Our fully structured curriculum took over 3 years of development work and is currently the only Competency Based Education (CBE) curriculum for learning Business English. Each of our learning units represents a real-world competency that you will be able to apply immediately outside the classroom setting.

We’ll assign you a Learning Coach who’s an actual human.

An experienced education professional whose sole purpose is to provide you with guidance and support in any English learning or class-related decision you may need to make. Simply contact your Learning Coach and they’ll be happy to help.

Native, certified teachers, available 24/7.

All of our teachers are native English speakers, and eager to share their language and culture. In addition, they are all qualified professionals, with an average of 9 years teaching Business English. Oh… And you can book classes with them 24/7.

Classes never expire. Seriously. Never ever.

Don’t stress out trying to use your credits before they expire at a specific date or subscription period. Buy classes and rest assured that you’ll be able to use them this week or in 5 years: the choice is yours.

The best-in-class virtual classroom.

Our virtual classroom is specifically designed for online language learning. This means it features an online whiteboard, integrated class materials, high-quality audio and video, and a lot more!

6 levels, all the flexibility in the world

Business English, General English and international certification exams

We offer a 6-level curriculum, following the structure of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), with a branch of General English, one of Business English, and another for international certification exam preparation. You decide what and how to study, for example (these are just a few options):

  • The Business English program, with competencies such as Giving a Presentation, Interviewing, Meeting With Clients, or Starting a Company.
  • A combination of the Business English program with the General English program, which also includes skills such as Travelling, House Hunting, Making Small Talk, etc.
  • Preparation for international certification exams, including TOEFL®, TOEIC®, IELTS® and many more.

Obtain a certificate and show your English proficiency level

Have you completed one of our levels? Pass our exam and receive a certificate of completion indicating the amount of class hours as well as the level you have completed within the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).